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Watercolor Meets HandLettering

ISBN 9786057834140

AUTHOR Bunte Galerie, Geliebtes Chaos, Mädchenkunst, May & Berry

SIZE 20 x 27 cm / 8 x 10.8"



PRICE $22.95  / £15.99

Watercolour Meets Handlettering


 A Book of  Blogger Projects 

About the Book

Watercolour paints are a wonderfully fluid medium that can be used to create amazing images. Mix watercolours with hand-drawn lettering in pen or brush and you have a winning combination. In this book, five popular bloggers show you their favourite watercolour projects - from simple floral designs to exotic animals - along with step-by-step instructions. Basic techniques - such as glazing, washes and wet-on-wet - are well explained. This is THE project book for anyone wanting to combine beautiful watercolour painting with inspiring lettering.

About the Author

Hello, I am a Christin.I trained as a TV editor but now I'm self-employed.Creativity plays an important role in my life, so I'm happy to be able to combine my love of creative activity with journalism in my art blog Mädchenkunst and in many other projects.I discovered hand lettering about three years ago and today I am passionate about combining brush lettering with watercolour.

Instagram: @mädchenkunstädchenkunst



Hello! We are Sue & Yasmin from May & 

Berry.We started our own business in 2017 

and have been working together since then 

in our studio in Bonn's old town, where we 

also run workshops and courses in which 

we combine lettering and illustration.An 

unbeatable combination, we think! 

Instagram: @mayandberry 

Geliebtes Chaos 

Hello dear ones! My name is Tanja and I live in the beautiful surroundings of Munich where the great lakes and mountains are always a reliable source of inspiration for my new designs.In 2017, I took the step into self-employment with my agency Nice Day Communications and the blog Geliebtes Chaos.Since then I have rediscovered my passion for watercolour 

paints and can't imagine a life without painting.

Instagram: @tanschiiibunny 


Bunte Galererie 

Hey, I'm Ludmila from Bunte Galerie.I like 

to work with diverse aspects of lettering, so that lettering and illustration have become inseparable for me.Beautifully painted letters already create a picture with their interplay of shape and colour.I love it if I can use the same colour shades when I combine my brush lettering with watercolour painting.

Instagram: @buntegalererie

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