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The Essential Book of Embroidery Stitches

ISBN 9786057834188

SIZE 21.6 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"



PRICE $21.95 / £14.99

The Essential Book of Embroidery Stitch


 100+ Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos and Explanations

About the Book

Do You Want to Embroider? 

Are you looking for an embroidery book that explains everything from A to Z and teaches popular embroidery stitches? Are you an embroidery expert looking for a book on different techniques to improve your skills? In both cases, look no further: You have found it!

The Essential Book of Embroidery Stitches is aptly named: you will find not only the explanations of the most common stitches in traditional embroidery, but also more complex techniques such as stumpwork. 


Atelier Fil, who is famous for beautiful embroidery, will introduce you the basic of hand embroidery. All stitches are introduced with step-by-step photos.


You’ll also learn the convenient tips of embroidery, 3D embroidery and more.

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