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tuva publishing landscapes, cross stitch snunning scenery, maria diaz

ISBN 9786059192125

AUTHOR Maria Diaz

SIZE 20.6 x 22 cm / 8.2 x 8.5"



PRICE $18.95 / £12.95

Stunning Scenery in Cross Stitch 

About the Book

I am thrilled to bring you yet another collection of cross-stitch designs. Due to the popularity of my previous book of landscape patterns, I have put together another assortment for you. This compilation differs from the previous one, which you could say was, with artist license, made up of largely fictional places. These charts, however, all feature actual places.


I am not widely travelled so cannot profess to have experienced them all first-hand.  It has been a difficult task trying to filter down an endless list of wondrous scenes, many of which I may only experience in pictures. Apologies to those delights I have not managed to include this time but I hope you will enjoy a taste of the world we live in, including some amazing sites of spiritual pilgrimage and others of simply breathtaking natural beauty.

Happy stitching!

About the Author


Maria Diaz

I am a freelance needlecraft designer whose work is published regularly in magazines and books worldwide. Specialising in cross stitch, it is the variety of subjects and styles I get to explore that makes my work so versatile. I love researching different ideas and playing with design styles sometimes incorporating more complicated stitches, although it is incredible what you can achieve just using simple cross & back stitches.

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