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Romantic Flowers İn Cross Stitch

ISBN 9786059192774

AUTHOR Suzanna Lıma

SIZE 21 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"



PRICE $18.95 / £12.99

Romantic Flowers in Cross Stitch


 23 Fabulous Floral Cross Stitch Project 

Rose • Lillum • Peony • Daisy and More 

About the Book

 In this book, Suzana Lima presents a beautiful and romantic collection of floral patterns to cross stitch. These styles are inspired by a variety of timeless designs including those from the Victorian era, Edwardian era, Shabby Chic and Berlin wool work. Each project can be applied to a variety of projects including bedding, lampshades, cushions, curtains, towels and more. Suzana‘s designs are noted for being extremely enjoyable to stitch, making these projects suitable for both the beginner and the advanced embroiders. 

About the Author


Suzanna Lıma

 Suzana is originally from Brazil and lives in 

Somerset, England. She has worked with 

cross stitch for over 25 years and is the 

author of a book called “Cross Stitch Prayer Rugs” written in Turkish. She has also designed many patterns for “Kanavice” magazine, published by Tuva Publishing. 

Suzana’s first book was “Manual do Ponto Cruz, técnica do avesso perfeito” published in Brazil; a book which teaches how to cross stitch with a tidy back. 

Find out more about Suzana by visiting her website: or follow her on Instagram or Facebook: @suzanacrossstitch. 

To get more of Suzana’s patterns you can also visit her ETSY shop, SuzanaLimaXStitch. 

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