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ISBN 9786057834621

AUTHOR Josephine Kirsch

SIZE 21.6 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"


PRICE $14,95 / £9.99

Makrame Super Easy


From key fobs to hanging baskets

Quick knotting projects for you and your home


This is ‘THE’ beginner's book with stylish knotting projects for everyone who finally wants to try macrame!
With this macrame book even completely inexperienced beginners can achieve magical results thanks to the easy to understand chapter on the basics and fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for each project.
20 trendy macrame projects are shown in this book which can be made with just 6 basic knots.
Gifts or small souvenirs can be made with this knotting technique: the recipients will be amazed when they find out that it is homemade!

About the Author


Josephine Kirsch

After studying geological sciences at the FU University of Berlin in 2015, Josephine Kirsch started her creative blog "Yeah Handmade" ( Since then, creative ideas on the subject of decorations, gifts, macrame , etc. have been appearing there on a regular basis. She makes macrame works of art, sells DIY macrame kits and gives macrame workshops.
She also shares her macrame projects on Instagram at @yeah_makramee and shows her daily, creative ideas on Instagram at @yeah_handmade.

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