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ISBN 9786057834751

AUTHOR Mothoko Ishikawa

SIZE 21.6 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"



PRICE $21.95 / £14.99

Knitted Mittens From Latvia


A book of hand-knitted Latvian mittens  knitted by a knitting artist, "Mittenya".

Focusing on triangular mittens, there are mittens with original traditional patterns such as forests, flowers, animals, snow and also hand warmers, hats, mufflers, and other items that you will want to wear.

This book includes detailed graphic instructions to help you master basic mittens such as braided patterns, picot knitting on cuffs etc.

The knitting patterns all in colours are easy to follow in the book.

About the Author

Mothoko Ishikawa

At the age of 5, Motoko learned to knit from her mother and became familiar with knitting. She studied graphic design at a design vocational school, and after graduating she worked as a character designer at KUSU Co., Ltd. She later became an independent, freelance graphic designer and web designer.

She met with Latvian mittens in 2007 and fell in love with the world at first sight. Started activities as a "mitten shop" in 2011.

She is involved in the production of knit accessories using traditional patterns and original patterns, mainly mittens with triangular heads.  

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