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ISBN 9786059192736

AUTHOR Katja Haas

SIZE 20 x 27 cm / 8 x 10.8"



PRICE $14.95 / £9.95

Hand Lettering 


Step by Step Guide to Beautiful Writing

About the Book

Katja Haas introduces the art of beautiful writing, presenting the different types of lettering, materials, all the basics principles and practical tips and tricks for your own designs. Templates for special occasions, practical exercises, and ideas for decorative designs and slogans turn this instruction book into a creative treasure trove. Hand lettering gives you a little time for relaxation with pen and paper. So grab your pens and start lettering!


About the Author

Katja Haas

Since 2009, Katja Haas has been running her own design agency, where she creates high quality stationery for all occasions under her own label, Papier-Liebe, using her own letterpress printing technique. Always on the lookout for new trends for her stationery lines, Katja, who comes originally from the region of Styria in Austria, discovered hand lettering. As a self-taught artist, she is passionate about the creative variety offered by this technique. In her practically-oriented books, Katja Haas presents hand lettering as an art form suitable for everyone, which places no limits on personal creativity in terms of “right or wrong."

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