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Floral Beauty in Cross Stitch Cover.jpg

ISBN 9786059192767

AUTHOR Susan Bates

SIZE 21 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"



PRICE $18.95 / £12.99

Floral Beauty in Cross Stitch


16 stunning floral cross stitch designs

About the Book

This book contains 16 stunning floral cross stitch designs. Inspired by nature, it includes many different types of flowers, such as bold sunflowers and poppies, classic roses, elegant irises and dramatic pink peonies! There are bold single flowers, flowers in vases, floral garlands and botanical style designs, plus many more!


The designs span a whole rainbow of colours - ranging from soft pastels to more a more dramatic palette of reds, purples, bright pinks, oranges and yellows. Stitched in full cross stitch only, with some backstitch - the charts are produced in an easy to read, full colour format. These designs will be a joy to stitch and to treasure!

About the Author


Susan Bates

Susan Bates has created designs for large department stores in London that sold designer hand knitting yarns and patterns. She has also created cross-stitch designs forother publishing companies in England, trained to be an art teacher, and has taught knitting and sewing classes to adults.

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