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ISBN 9786059192675 

AUTHOR Niwa Taiko

SIZE 21.6 x 25.5 cm / 8.5 x 10"



PRICE $16.95 / £12.99

Dinosaur Origami Adventure

with Dr. Dinosaur 


Dinosaur Origami Papers, Dinosaur Cards, Dinosaur Stickers

About the Book

Through the maths, art, and science that is origami, along with a great experience of dinosaurs, improve your mind, inquisitiveness, imagination, and creativity!


With a teacher or parent, children with an interest in dinosaurs can find out more about the times that dinosaurs lived in through realistic dinosaur pictures and research information. With “Dinosaur Pattern Origami Papers”, you can fold dinosaurs around the world, and bring them to life with our “Dinosaur Research Stickers”! Through the “Big Dinosaur Investigation Cards”, enjoy a fun game pitting your dinosaurs’ attack, defence, and diet strength against your friends.


About the Author

Niwa Taiko

Active as both a kindergarten principal and Japanese Origami Association lecturer, Niwa Taiko recognised the benefits of origami in creative characteristic development, and has published several origami-based products. Through monthly origami and other publications, many origami books have been published. Even today, products are released through Niwa Taiko’s homepage.

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