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ISBN 9786059192453

AUTHOR Lisa Cook

SIZE 21.6 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"



PRICE $21.95 / £14.95

Delicious Crochet Shawls 


21 Stylish Crochet Shawls

About the Book

The deliciously inspired patterns in this book have been designed to entice the senses whilst crocheting. From a swirling raspberry ripple to a warming gooseberry fool, with a smattering of summer fruit pudding along the way. Not only will fingers delight in creating such sumptuous designs, crocheters will almost be able to smell and taste the delectable treats. The patterns are designed with all skill levels in mind, from beginner to the more adventurous crocheter. The book is an excellent way to enhance skills by creating shawls with different stitches and shapes. Using the most delicious yarns from Cascade, there’s something for every season.


About the Author

Lisa Cook

Lisa Cook is a married Mum to three grown-up children and a Granny with one Grandson and lives in County Durham, UK. As early as I can remember, myself and my brother were always decked out in hand knit and crochet jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves, lovingly made by my Mum and Nana. I watched them in awe as they created these woolly delights and would often help them to wind yarn or choose a pattern, and so my passion for all things yarny was born.


My Mum and mentor sadly passed away when I was still a child, however, it has been something of a comfort to me to carry on developing the skills that she taught me. I hope I’m creating things she would love to have made herself. I have always tweaked designs and created one-offs of my own when I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so it has felt very natural for me to start designing my own patterns and finally getting my head full of ideas down on paper for others to make and enjoy. Lots of inspiration for my patterns has been gleaned from places where we spend family time whilst touring around the UK in our caravan, such as the endlessly sandy Northumberland coastline and the sprawling picturesque views of the Lake District.


It’s from our caravan jaunts that I came up with the idea for this book, sitting in quaint tea rooms drinking fancy tea and eating delicious cakes and treats, it gave me the idea of creating patterns that I think tickle the taste buds and allow you to indulge yourself in creativeness. I’m thrilled to have realised my dream of creating my own book and I hope you enjoy my tantalising offerings as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

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