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ISBN 9786059192811 

AUTHOR Miwa Utsunomiya

SIZE 20 x 27 cm / 8 x 10.8"



PRICE $14.95  / £9.99

Cute Birds to Make with Needle Felting

35 Clearly Explained Projects with Step by Step Instructions 

About the Book

Why not have a go at making the birds in sizes using some soft and fluffy wool? 

This book brings together a wide-ranging collection of needle felted birds, including parrots, parakeets, kingfisher, hummingbird, flamingo and many other kinds. 

This book contains 35 clearly explained projects with step by step instructions. 

Enjoy making a bird that looks like your pet or as a gift to your friends. 

You can try your hand at any of your favourite birds!

About the Author

Miwa Utsunomiya

Miwa is a wool felt artist and teacher. She was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan and living in Tokyo. She learned the foundations of colour and clothes design at junior college. She has studied the basic of color and clothing at Gakushuin Woman’s College. She loves animals, birds, and handicrafts. She met with needle felting in 2000. She is attracted by the texture, richness of color, and the easy-to-make process of needle felting. Then she started to create her own projects. Now, she is mainly creating birds, and having her workshop in Tokyo and Yokohama area. She is also selling her works at department stores and craft stores. 

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