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ISBN 9786055647095

AUTHOR Susan Bates

SIZE 16.5 x 22.5 cm / 6.5 x 8.8"



PRICE $12.95 / £9.95

Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Flowers


More Than 50 Mini Motifs

About the Author

This book contains over 54 cross stitch motifs, all on the theme of flowers. There are pretty floral garlands, bold poppies, sprigs of lavender, pansies, violas and flowering herbs. Susan’s love of the natural world is very apparent here, as she includes details such as bees, butterflies, and little birds in her designs. She also has a love of pattern and includes decorated bone china teapots, teacups and vintage style plates, all decorated with flowers, of course!


You can stitch these motifs individually, or mix and match them to make up your own ‘sampler’ style design. They can be stitched by beginners and more confident stitchers alike. Susan’s style is contemporary with a keen eye for detail and rich shading. She likes to combine traditional and vintage style motifs with more a modern, up-to-date style, so there should be plenty of motifs to appeal to all different types of stitchers!

About the Author


Susan Bates

Susan Bates has created designs for large department stores in London that sold designer hand knitting yarns and patterns. She has also created cross-stitch designs forother publishing companies in England, trained to be an art teacher, and has taught knitting and sewing classes to adults.

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