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ISBN 9786057834843

AUTHOR Tania Santarelli

SIZE 21.6 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"



PRICE $21.95 / £14.99

Countryside Cross Stitch

Beautiful Country House with Animals, Plants and Flowers

About the Book

Imagine a beautiful country house with animals, plants and flowers intertwined with nature. A house where delicious cookies are baked in the kitchen, beautiful flowers bloom in the garden, you can do all your favourite hobbies and stitch your cross-stitch project on the veranda. Here is world that Tania Santarelli presents in her second book for you. She designed cross-stitch patterns that will add joy to your life: farm life, garden, flowers, people, kitchen, animals, handicrafts, sewing, embroidery, patchwork, hobbies… The cross-stitch projects within this book are designed to adorn the house once stitched or to help celebrate those special moments in life.


The essence of this book is to keep it simple, fun, and easy to stitch. With that in mind most of the designs are sewn using only whole cross stitch, and back stitch is kept to a minimum. A stunning collection of patterns for both new and experienced stitchers alike.


About the Author

Tania Santarelli

Tania Santarelli , known as Lilli Violette, is an Italian designer of cross stitch charts since 2009. She started with a blog for sharing her passions, and it turned out to be a beautiful way to connect with other creatives all over the world. She also is the founder of “Fili Senza Tempo”, the very first show of cross stitch in Italy. Her cross stitch charts are about serenity, love and peaceful moments at owns home. She draws her charts in the attic over the roofs of the city in the North of Italy, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, two playful dogs. Her house is full of potteries, fabrics, yarns, quilts, old embroidered samplers and antiques; from them, she finds the inspiration for her everyday work.

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