ISBN 978-605-7834-54-6

AUTHOR Collective

SIZE 21.6 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11"


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Hello Amigurumi

Do you remember your fond childhood memories? Those were the innocent days when technology was not a part of our lives yet, games were played outside and the world was not so polluted. Ordinary and classic toys were enough for kids to enjoy. This book will take you back to your happy childhood days with 19 beautiful “innocent” amigurumi toys. Some toys from the book are granny and little helper, grandma and grandpa, lovely girl dolls, rag doll, duck, bunnies, Red Riding Hood, cowgirl and hobby horse, vintage robot, baby doll twins, gardener girl doll and bear.. These all were designed by a different amigurumi designers. 


About the Author

Sandra Muller (France)
Sandra lives in France in Lyon with her husband and children. As a textile designer she is passionate about the arts of yarn and creates amigurumi and crochet patterns. Dolls and their dressing and accessories have taken a great place in her collection. She is known as Lucienne Compatine on Instagram.

Mei Li Lee (Malaysia) 
Mei or better known as Amigurumei, is a self-professed daydreamer who discovered amigurumi very much by chance. Now she enjoys sharing the joy of the craft with like-minded daydreamers, splitting her hours between being a mom of twin boys with designing magical dolls, each packed with a little unique personality of their own (much like her boys). The former journalist and craft columnist is also the author of Hello Kitty Crochet.

Elisa Ems-Domenig (Austria)
Elisa is a crochet artist and designer for past 6 years. She designs and creates her own cute toy range under the name “Lulu loves the Moon”. She lives with her husband, 5 children and lots of farm animals in the forest at the foot of the Alps in Austria. On endless walks through the forest with her two youngest children, she finds there her inspirations for her designs which are mainly forest and farm animals. Elisa tries to create timeless heirloom designs so that the toys are a long-term cuddle friend for each child.

Vivyane Veka (France)
Vivyane is an amigurumi-designer and the person behind “Happy Crochet, Etc” on Instagram. She fell in the crochet cauldron seven years ago. Until then she was drawing and painting a lot but was looking for a new hobby that would re-boost her creativity and give it a new momentum. That is how she discovered the world of amigurumi. Vivyane is a self-taught crocheter and learned it through books and videos. That was not long until she decided she wanted to create her own crochet designs.

Skaistė Kivci is a translator and amigurumi designer based in Lithuania. She has been into handicraft ever since she was a child but she happened to get into the charming, colourful world of amigurumi simply out of wanting to bring joy to her kids and friends by my handmade toys. She feels lucky to find this hobby also brought her to like-minded peers and friends. She is a mom of three and living in Lithuania with her family.